Well, I’ve wheeled my squeaky book cart down the hall to the new, (possibly) improved, and distracting 100 Scope Notes. What you see here is the last post I’ll be making on 100scopenotes.wordpress.com. A couple things before turning out the lights:

  • If you’re so inclined, you can go to 100scopenotes.com to check out the new site.
  • Do you read via RSS (Google Reader, Bloglines, etc.)? Click here to subscribe to the new feed.
  • The first week on the new site should be a good time. Posts include a first-ever “Illustrated Interview” with Trouble Gum author/illustrator Matthew Cordell, and a look into the future at “Books in the Year 3001” . There will be jokes.
  • Thanks to everyone who has read, commented, and linked here over the last few years (man this turned sentimental in a hurry).