Being a longtime listener, first time blogger in the children’s lit world I am excited to put forth my 2 Honest Abes. This shouldn’t be a surprise. As far as I know the olde tyme saying holds true: “if someone starts a web log and has nothing to say, does the blog exist?”. I would say no. The wonderful kidlit blogger MotherReader is hosting the November Carnival of Children’s Literature and has asked for submissions with the following theme (straight from the source):

“I want a tip as a reader, writer, illustrator, reviewer, publisher, or editor of children’s literature. I want a lesson learned from a teacher, librarian, author, or parent with regards to kids’ lit. It doesn’t have to be a post that you did in November or October, though you may consider tweaking and re-posting an older entry to use; you can pick a post from any point this year. If you have something from last year, polish that baby up and repost it.”

As a part time Abe Lincoln impersonator (my go-to Halloween costume), you know I’ll be adding to the discussion. The deadline for submissions is Tuesday, November 27th, by 9:00 a.m. EST. You can submit right here.