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Cover Controversy: Marcelo in the Spiderwick Chronicles

As well reported at Jacket Knack, silhouettes are a cover trend on the rise. The following pair of covers both sport silhouettes, but with a couple additional elements that strengthen the correlation. Let’s take a look at the first cover: Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco X. Stork. And now, the counterpart: The Spiderwick […]


Cover Controversy: Gears Are Turning

Is it fair to call two covers that appear similar a controversy? Probably not. Liar? Magic Under Glass? Mysterious Benedict Society? Now those are some legitimate cover controversies. What I put forth today is more of a gentle Cover Curio. Let’s take a look… Incarceron by Catherine Fisher. Hot off the presses! This book (which […]

Cover Controversy: Benedict Society Under Glass

Two recent cover curiosities have me perplexed for the same reason – characters described as decidedly not Caucasian in the text are presented that way on the book jacket. Both are unacceptable. The first, concerning Jaclyn Dolamore’s YA title Magic Under Glass, has already been nicely discussed and fully linked at Abby (the) Librarian and […]

Cover Controversy: Paper Bag Dragons

For the first Cover Controversy of 2010, we’ve got a pair of titles that match up more than most. It’s almost… controversial. Let’s have a gander at the first cover: Minders of Make-Believe: Idealists, Entrepreneurs, and the Shaping of American Children’s Literature by Leonard S. Marcus. What’s that, you say? Not a children’s book? Oh, […]

Cover Controversy: Holding Stuff

I had designs on highlighting this cover trend a while ago, but I held off because I thought it might be fizzling out. Not so! After coming upon a couple more examples recently, I realize that holding stuff is still hot. But first: the hands that started it all? Logo for Allstate Insurance. Eventually, cover […]

Cover Controversy: In Your Face!

When it looks like someone’s about to hand you something, you tend to pay attention. Unless it’s a roll of Necco Wafers or a copy of the recent Peyton Manning picture book, both of which are so offensive they’re easy to ignore. Two recent covers use this attention-grabbing device, and in doing so appear to […]

Cover Controversy: Gothic Gates

Looking to set an ominous mood? Look no further than the iron gate. I haven’t checked, but I’m pretty sure that it’s a scientific fact that anything written in wrought iron is 10x more spooky than if it were written on paper. Take a look: See what I mean? Okay, bad example. Three recent books […]

Cover Controversy: Making Waves

Few things can build anticipation like a curling wave. Where’s it going? What’s going to happen? Hokusai captured the mood perfectly in his iconic The Great Wave off Kanagawa (above). A trio of recent children’s book covers understand this and in doing so give off a distinctive separated-at-birth vibe. Let’s have a look: Necks out […]

Cover Controversy: Related Radiographs

Scene: A doctor’s office, early in the morning. Doctor: Good to see you! How have you been feeling? Cover Designer: I’ve been a bit stressed lately, Doc. I want to put some foliage on this cover, but it seems kinda played. You know, leaves, flowers – I don’t know if they’re going to stand out. […]

Cover Controversy: Still Lookin’

While I’ve heard that optometrists approve of staring off into the distance to support long-term ocular health, I don’t think that’s what the characters on these covers are shooting for. I’d call it more of a “What does my future hold?” sort of look. Recently I featured two bizarro covers that were the same, yet […]