Continuing in the proud 100 Scope Notes tradition of “hey look at this” posts of highly questionable worth, I bring you Cover Covers. The goal is simple – I take children’s lit covers that already exist and put a new spin on them. Here are the rules:

1. Covers will be created by performing a FlickrCC search for title keywords.

2. Image editing website Picnik shall be used to crop and add text.

3. I cannot spend more than 5 minutes on a cover. This helps in two ways – it saves me time, and serves as a handy excuse if the resulting cover is bad.

So, will our Cover Covers be more like Manfred Mann covering Bruce Springsteen’s Blinded by the Light (see: a cover more well known than the original) or Vanilla Ice’s cover of The Rolling Stones’ Satisfaction (see: offensive trainwreck). I’m putting money on the latter. Today’s batch of Cover Covers are all likely to figure into upcoming Newbery Award discussions. Based on what follows, you should thank your local cover designer.

Side by side with the original:

(Source image: ‘untitled

At first I thought, “Ooh, this is pretty nice”. Then I realized it’s about as forgettable as a cover can be. While the original cover has caught some flack, I prefer it to my attempt.

Side by side with the original:

(Source image: ‘Every new day… (digitally coloured)

No contest on this one. The original, a very nice cover in its own right,  is unquestionably way more awesome than my lame attempt.

Side by side with the original:

(Source image: ‘Social Evolution

I quite liked my attempt (in a retro, M.S. Corley kinda way), but the textbook-y vibe it gives off would be guaranteed kid repellent. Winner: original.

Side by side with the original:

(Source image: ‘Full Moon

I got a little crazy and went Eggs on this cover, substituting the word “moon” for the image of a moon. As great as I think I am for doing this, it still fails to create anything close to the appeal of the original.

Check back in the future for more Cover Covers.