Children’s Book of Art
DK Publishing
ISBN: 9780756655112
Grades 4-7
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Really, kids are in prime position to be turned on to the wide world of art. If they don’t already draw for fun, classroom crafts, “draw a picture” assignments, and weekly art class ensure that elementary-aged youngsters are getting creative on a daily basis. Children’s Book of Art proves to be a well-organized, able introduction to the noteworthy names, styles, and works that form the basics of artistic knowledge. A solid overview of a topic that kids are ready to dig into.

Split into three general sections (Early Art, Modern Art, and Sculpture), the book covers a wide swath of territory. Beginning with the who, how, and why of early cave paintings up to Damien Hirst’s installation art, each time period and style of art is given its due. The book consists of “gallery” pages (showing the use of different artistic elements), “artist profiles” (detailing the life and work or individuals), “how did they do that” sections (which provide instructions for working with different media), and “art style” spreads (covering significant art movements). The range is impressive.

Easy on the eyes, as an art book should be. Large images of well-known (and some more obscure) artwork pop up everywhere. Page layouts often teach, showing readers how different styles of art are created. Artist biographies run down the side of pages, time line style, hitting important events and highlighting influences.


Useful for fact-finding students looking for artist info as well as those simply interested in learning more, Children’s Book of Art effectively (and entertainingly) serves both audiences.

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