x-ray machine

Scene: A doctor’s office, early in the morning.

Doctor: Good to see you! How have you been feeling?

Cover Designer: I’ve been a bit stressed lately, Doc. I want to put some foliage on this cover, but it seems kinda played. You know, leaves, flowers – I don’t know if they’re going to stand out. I’ve been wracking my brain about it.

Doctor: Let me give you some advice. Whenever I can’t figure out a diagnosis, you know what I do?

Cover Designer: What?

Doctor: I x-ray it.

Cover Designer: Doc, I think you’ve solved my problem.


The Everafter by Amy Huntley.


If I Love You, Am I Trapped Forever? by M. E. Kerr


Bones of Faerie by Janni Lee Simner.

Side by side by side:


Okay, so maybe they didn’t x-ray the plants on these covers (although I do think that the flowers on the Everafter cover saw the inside of a radiologists office), but they certainly give off a similar vibe.

Do I see a negative-image cover trend taking hold?

(Top Image: ‘Roentgen IV control panel