The totals have been tallied and the returns have been filed. The findings found and the tables tabulated. Each week, the venerable New York Times lets the world know which books have been selling rather briskly lately. Working in a school library, this information can be helpful. Before this becomes yesterday’s news, lets take a look at the books that rose to the top of the pile. Click here to see the entire lists (courtesy of Reading Radar).


Quite a few new faces ’round these parts since I last checked. The nearly brand-new SkippyJon Jones adventure takes the top spot, with a new Rufus Butler Seder scanimation book residing in position number two. I wasn’t aware of Waddle!, and as the unofficial Michigan ambassador of Scanimation I am embarrassed for this oversight. Listen to the Wind moves to number three after months on top. Dewey brings the cuteness kids are calling for while the Scieszka and Shannon team-up, Robot Zot! nicely rounds out the top five.


Catching Fire and its predecessor, The Hunger Games, hold on to spots one and two. The latest DiCamillo offering (The Magician’s Elephant)  solidly plants itself in third. Pleasantly surprised to see Odd and the Frost Giants come in at number five.

Until next time..

(Top Image: ‘Broad Vocabulary Bookstore