The silver screen version of Where the Wild Things Are hits theaters on October 16, and the internet action has been heavy. In preparation, here’s a sample of Wild Things-related links for your perusal.

Where the Wild Things Are tattoos.

Is there anything more fascinating than a large, full color, permanent  tribute to a kid’s book on someone’s arm? Okay, maybe just to a children’s librarian. Anyway, click the image below to see what I mean.


Stuff White People Like: Where the Wild Things Are.

A satirical (and, uh, kinda accurate) assessment of the appeal of Where the Wild Things Are.


Listen to Where the Wild Things Are Soundtrack.

How can you not like the title “Food Is Still Hot”? I’m listening to this soundtrack as I write and I’m digging a large portion of it. Let me know if you feel the same way.


Have a Wild Things Halloween.

Likely reactions to this costume:

(If you’re at a gathering w/ children’s lit fans) “Nice! Max!”

(If you’re at a gathering w/o children’s lit fans) “Nice! Wolf!”

Either way, I think you’re alright.


*Update* Monsters Ink: How Maurice Sendak made the world safe for monsters, and vice-versa.

This article in the Boston Globe takes a closer look at the creation and impact of Sendak’s Wild Things.