Normally, I reserve this post for the latest video of a chimp reading a children’s book or some similar bit of nonsense. Today, however, our Sunday Link Du Jour is actually helpful.

As a school librarian, I’m frequently deciding where to shelve new books we add to the collection. Most of the time these judgments are pretty clear, but gray areas certainly exist. Sometimes a book crosses my desk that I could use a second opinion on. OCLC Classify is perfect for this. I found out about this one at Neverendingsearch, who describes the service as such:

Search by ISBN, ISSN, UPC, OCLC number, or author/title. The service offers access to more than 36 million WorldCat records containing Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), Library of Congress Classification (LCC), or National Library of Medicine (NLM) Classification numbers.  It shares the most frequent and most recent class numbers, and it links to DeweyBrowser for further cataloging information.

Keep this site handy. Click here to head over to Neverendingsearch and take a look.


Oh, and uh, here’s a video of a chimp reading a book: