Occasionally, I like to leave my cave and take a look at what the humans are doing. Or reading, rather. Below are the latest bestselling children’s books according to the New York Times. Click the links below to see the entire lists at Reading Radar.

Picture Books

Chapter Books


Listen to the Wind and Gallop! have been making themselves comfortable at the top for some time. The latest Marley release runs wild at #3, while the newest addition to the “ilicious” series takes #4. Oceanology follows in the popular footsteps of Dragonology (and a host of other -ology titles) at #5.

On to the more generously paged.


One of the most anticipated books of the fall, Catching Fire, hits #1 with it’s predecessor following closely behind at #2. Folks have also been waiting on book 2 in The Missing series, Sent, from Margaret Peterson Haddix, which places nicely at #4.

Back to the cave.

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