I have been told that after a week of strict radio silence (due to Northern Michigan travels), it’s best to come back with a bang. I’m doing my best to please with the latest 100 Scope Notes Book Giveaway:


Stitches: A Memoir by David Small. ARC.

It arrived, I started reading, I couldn’t stop reading. Disturbing, haunting, exceptional (100 Scope Notes review to come soon). I won this myself in a no-holds-barred giveaway on the blog EarlyWord, so it’s only proper etiquette to pass it along, right?

If you are interested in finding Stitches in your mailbox, send me an email at scopenotes@gmail.com or contact me via Twitter. If I get your entry before 11:59pm on Tuesday night, your name will get tossed into my generously-sized, homemade, occasionally used for Abe Lincoln impersonation, black stovepipe hat. The winner will be fished out soon thereafter.

A related side note: this book ain’t for kids! Not even close. What we have here is a fine example of grown-up readin’ (or at least high school). Enter at your own risk.

Best of luck!