Tired of having to go all the way to the New York Times website to get your weekly bestseller info? Sick of having to click on “Children’s Books” to get the information you need? I’ll share the top 5 picture and chapter book bestsellers here, but if you want to see the entire lists, you’ll have to head over to Reading Radar (my favorite source for NYT bestseller info). Now let’s see which books leapt off shelves most this week.


Yep, yep, not many shockers here. Pinkalicious up at the top, continui- wait! Goldilicious? Goldilicious? Sure as shootin’. Pinkalicious and Purplicious dominated my K-2 book fair last year and this year respectively, so it comes as no big surprise that the color wheel continues to be mined in this series. In fact, three of the top five are sequels of some sort. They also all have that whole “appealing to girls and their parents” thing going on, which really can’t be underestimated. Gallop! also continues to shine in its 82nd (!) week on the list.

Let’s take a look at the chapter books:


A couple climbers on this top 5. The Graveyard Book moves back up to take the number two spot, while The Hunger Games is experiencing a popularity jump likely due to the building buzz about Catching Fire, the second book in that series, which will be released in September.