There’s something about big machines that captures the imagination of kids. I can identify. When I was a youngster, my county fair held a monster truck show and parked all of the massively-tired vehicles in the church parking lot across from my house. I almost lost it. I mean Bigfoot? Come on.

Two recent titles featuring various forms of trucks, diggers, and other construction-related machines struck me as similar. Eerily so. First up, one that you’ve been seeing a lot of in these pages of late:


Roadwork by Sally Sutton. (100 Scope Notes Review)

And now, its match:


Machines Go to Work by William Low.

Side by side:


I’m not making things up here, right? The middle of the page placement of the vehicle, the full-on profile view, the massively bold font work – the resemblence is pretty clear. As an added bonus, they are also similarly awesome books.

On a related note, if you are interested in seeing how William Low created the amazing digital art for Machines Go to Work, click here to head over to A Fuse #8 Production, where you’ll find an outstanding video of the process and get the down Low (pun 101% intended) on the author/illustrator’s appearance at the New York Public Library.