Have you had enough of all these “good” books? You know, the ones that are all well written, nicely illustrated, and up to date? Because everywhere I go and in everything I read, that’s what I see. Best Books of the Year, Recommended Books, Starred Books, it’s about time we started tipping the scales back in the other direction. With books like this:


That’s a scale tipper, folks. With the new, appropriately titled, Awful Library Books, two Michigan librarians are bringing the old and outdated to light. From the site:

Awfullibrarybooks.wordpress.com is a collection of the worst of public library holdings.  The items featured here are so old, obsolete, awful or just plain stupid that we are horrified that people might be actually checking these items out and depending on the information.

This blog contains actual public library holdings.  No specific libraries or librarians are named to protect the guilty.  Check your shelves, it could be you.

If you read this post on my weeding project, you know I can relate. Click here (or the image below) to head on over and view the other awesomely bad selections. Thanks to the outstanding blog librarian.net for the link!