In celebration of Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! taking the #5 slot in the Fuse #8 Production Top 100 Picture Books Poll, today’s links are Mo Willems related.

It is a humble dream of mine to have a children’s book illustrator create a mural in my school library. I occasionally see this sort of thing happening at other locations and I’m usually jealous as all get out. Wondering how it would go down if Lane Smith and Mo Willems went nuts on one of your walls? Click here to see for yourself.

Moving along to the second portion of this 30 second share (show and tell for the new millenium y’all!), is it just me, or has Mr. Willems sort of become the go-to personality and all around bon vivant of NPR? They feature his books, he’s got that radio cartoon gig, and now he’s promoting drawing as a life-long activity. So says Mo:

One of the interesting things about cartooning and doodling and drawing, is that people stop when they decide they’re not good at it. Nobody stops playing basketball when they realize they’re not going to become a professional. The same thing should apply to cartooning.

Right on. Click the play button below to head over to the NPR website and listen.


(Thanks to Mo Willems Doodles for the links)