When I started this rambling mess of a blog back in the golden days of ’07 I had a strict “No Pets” policy. The problem? I didn’t, and still don’t, have any pets. Really, the “No Pets” decree was just a promise to myself that I would only post items directly related to children’s lit. There are all kinds of other things that I would like to share, but I promised to show restraint.

While some of these items sneak into 100 Scope Notes, I think that on the whole I’ve kept my love of Teen Wolf, ping pong, and the fact that they should have made a Teen Wolf sequel where Scott Howard plays ping pong, in check.

So stop me if this appears to be in direct violation of my “No Pets” policy, but I had an album cover to share from one of my favorite bands, Camera Obscura. It’s a cover that I just discovered today (from a single they released in July 2004), and one that the bookish masses will no doubt find of interest:


Man, would I like to have more information on this.

While we have a difference of opinion regarding nonfiction, any band that starts an album with the line, “Spent a week in a dusty library”, (as Camera Obscura did on their latest release) is doing things right in my opinion.