Rocks! Rocks! Rocks!
By Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
Marshall Cavendish Children
ISBN: 9780761455288
Grades K-2
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As a librarian, there’s nothing worse than admitting that you don’t have a wealth of materials available on a particular topic. It takes your carefully-cultivated library cred and puts it in doubt. A simple question like, “Do you have the newest Bakugan?” can expose holes in your collection faster than you can figure out what Bakugan is. My biggest blind spot is quality K-2 nonfiction, which, as the blog Bookends recently pointed out, can be tough to find. This title will help.

The latest in Nancy Elizabeth Wallace’s series of nonfiction for the youngest of readers, Rocks! Rocks! Rocks! introduces topics of erosion and rock formation in a way kids will understand. A nice addition to the tough-to-join low-level nonfiction club.

Buddy likes to collect rocks of all shapes, sizes, and colors. After school one day, Mama suggests they visit the Rock Ridge Nature Center to learn more. Walking the Blue Diamond Trail, Mama and Buddy make five stops, each time discovering more information about rocks – how they are made, how they are weathered, and the characteristics of different rock types.

The gentle cut paper illustrations are combined with photos of real rocks, which add just the right touch of realism to the proceedings. The simple text has elements of repetition that will work well for very young readers.

Great for use in a classroom studying the subject, and a worthy addition to your nonfiction section in the library, Rocks! Rocks! Rocks! is a title you should keep within easy reach.

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