As a general rule, libraries and sports don’t mix. Well, sometimes putt-putt golf (like at Downers Grove Public Library):


Because of this oil and water-type relationship, I will restrain myself from celebrating Michigan State’s Final Four victory here, and focus on the books. What follows are the bestsellers according to the venerable New York Times:

Click here to view all of the Children’s Books bestsellers.


The House in the Night continues to ride high in the saddle after acquiring the Caldecott, narrowly missing out on the top spot. Neil Gaiman’s latest makes a solid stand at the number three slot. A classic (no doubt revitalized by it’s recent 40th annaversary press) sits at #4, while Gallop! (100 Scope Notes Review) refuses to give up the lime after 72 weeks on the list.


Hmm. I don’t have a whole lot of commentary for this list – other than the recently beNewberried The Graveyard Book, things are feeling a bit foreign. You’ve got your Twilight, your Miley Cyrus, and then a couple books that are for slightly older audiences than is my comfort zone. Surprises abound.