Saying that librarians like NPR is like saying Canadians enjoy Tim Horton’s – it’s just too obvious to warrant much mention. Also, please consider me an honorary Canadian – besides the fact that half my extended family lives there, the maple glaze they’ve got going on north of the boarder is the best kept secret of that wonderful nation.

Anyway, this general librarian enjoyment of all things national and public and broadcast through radio waves extends to Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me, a news quiz show produced by NPR and recorded in Chicago. It’s funny, it’s informative, and I listen to the podcast edition every week on my way to work.

Living on the banks of Lake Michigan, with Chicago just a couple hours away, I’ve been looking for a time to go and watch a live taping of the show. I figured the ALA Annual Conference coming up this summer (July 9-15) might make a perfect time.

Well, I looked into the matter and I should have figured that more than a few of the cardiganed and bifocaled masses out there were thinking the same thing. Turns out ALTAFF (a division of the American Library Association) is reserving EVERY SEAT IN THE HOUSE and making tickets available through their website. If you’ve ever wanted to be good-naturedly mocked about your profession, you’ve just struck gold. My tickets will be en route shortly. From the source:

PHILADELPHIA – The Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends and Foundations (ALTAFF), a division of the American Library Association (ALA), in partnership with ALA Conference Services, presents an evening with Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!, National Public Radio’s weekly hour-long quiz program on Thursday, July 9. ALTAFF has purchased all 500 seats in Chicago’s Chase Auditorium and will pack the house with librarians and library supporters as a fundraiser for the newly established division during the ALA Annual Conference, held July 9-15 in Chicago.

Tickets are $30 each or $40 for the VIP section and may be purchased through ALA Conference Services. Those who have previously registered for the conference may add tickets by calling Experient at (800) 974-3084. New conference registrants may purchase tickets online or by phone during the registration process. Tickets are also available for purchase without conference registration by calling Experient at 800-974-3084.

Click here to read the entire press release.