Some daring folks have taken up the challenge to create their debut fantasy novel cover. Below are the results – awesomely bad, to be sure. If you give it a shot, let me know and I’ll add your cover to the mix.


Dream of Illusion @ teacherninja. Nice font – can we get this on an actual release?


The Vengeance of Argir @ teacherninja. Not only a spooky cover, but an award winner as well.


The Findrindis Children @ B. Nagel. The lone tree in a desolate landscape – fantasy gold.


Crystal of Discord @ Charlotte’s Library. Not much crystal, but plenty of discord.


Circle of the Unholy Maiden, The Spirit of the Dream, and The Golden Stone @ malindalo. Malinda decided, in true fantasy fashion, to create a trilogy of covers.


Queen and Doom @ Taking Flight. I could actually see this one on shelves.


The Power of Lodon @ DaveBrendon’s Fantasy & Sci-Fi Weblog. Giant butterflies help a sail-less ship.


The Memory Dream @ Archimedes Forgets. Caught between two worlds – butterfly or cat?


The Crystal and the King @ Turning up the heat (and the world on its side).


Herald of the Golden Magic. This one’s mine. The worlds strangest “ice breaker” activity.