Every now and again, I wonder which books are being purchased by the book-loving population. When I check the New York Times bestsellers, I usually post this information. That sharing could come to a screeching halt due to the website Reading Radar. Pulling information from the NYT bestseller list and Amazon.com, Reading Radar does its job well. It displays books by category, just as they appear in the Times. When you click on a title, it provides bestseller history, Amazon customer reviews, and purchasing info. Bold, clear, easy to use – the site is bound to put bloggers like me out of work.



Unless I show the top three here, and link to the rest. I’m still in business baby! Click on the images below to view the full lists. (Thanks to EarlyWord for the link)

Picture Books:


Listen to the Wind has been residing at the top for a couple weeks now, with Gallop! continuing to say “I’m never leaving this list” from the number two spot. The House in the Night is #3, enjoying a nice post-Caldecott boost in sales.

Chapter Books:


The Graveyard Book, already no stranger to ranks of the bestsellers, is now sporting a Newbery seal at the top of the list. Scat lands at #2, continuing Carl Hiaasen’s string of popular eco-themed titles. The Hunger Games, loved by everyone who touches it, fills out the top three.

(Top Image: ‘Cat and Cannon Bookstore, Lake City, Seattle