Knights of the Lunch Table: The Dodgeball Chronicles
By Frank Cammuso
Graphix (Scholastic)
ISBN: 9780439903226
Grades 4-6
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Pulling from King Arthur and Shakespeare, Knights of the Lunch Table is reference-heavy in title, plot, and dialog. The best part? Almost all of it simply serves to make a great story, no previous knowledge required. Although most of my King Arthur and Shakespeare expertise comes from episodes of Ducktales (this is a joke)(sort of), what I do know is that Knights of the Lunch Table is a well-executed, entertaining graphic novel for the upper-elementary/middle school crowd. It will find its way into the hands of students quickly and stay there.

Arthur (Artie) is a new student at Camelot Middle School. He’s a pretty average kid, especially at sports. Camelot is mad about dodgeball – it’s practically the official school game. Artie quickly makes a name for himself by opening the mysteriously unopenable locker 001XL. This catches the attention of the school bullies, a.k.a. the Horde, who are eager to keep their place as rulers of the school. To settle matters, Artie’s friend Percy challenges the Horde to a winner take all dodgeball game. Only one problem remains: beating an undefeated team with a group of mediocre players.

The well-paced story and  illustrations combine to give the book a nice flow that is easy to get into. The tension builds up to the climactic dodgeball showdown that will leave readers nothing less than pleased.

A graphic novel based on classic tales, yet is as hip and modern as you could ask for. Knights of the Lunch Table will be a quality addition to your graphic novel shelf and a series to keep your eye on.

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