If you work in a library, then you know that things get left behind in books. Used to mark the page, these items are routinely forgotten. My strangest experience with this phenomena happened way back in Aught 6, when a student unexpectedly came up to me with a photo they found. Of me:

Student: Hey, Mr. J, here’s a picture of you.

Me: (Confused look plastered on face) Huh?

Student: I just found it in this book. Look.

Me: (Embarrassment slowly dawning on my face) Oh. Heh, yep, that’s me. I can take that from you.

It turns out I had taken that book home over the summer, used a photo (probably the closest flat thing to me when I decided to stop reading) as a bookmark, and forgot all about it.

One thing I have never heard of being left in a book is bacon. Yet it appears that The Bacon Bookmark is an urban legend of sorts. The pop culture website BuzzFeed posted a link to the recent New York Times essay “You Never Know What You’ll Find in a Book” by Henry Alford. Interesting (and sometimes gross) reading. Click the image below to read more.


(Top Image: ‘bad bumble