So how will you be spending your day off? Wait, what’s that? Diary of a Wimpy Kid Day isn’t a national holiday? I see. Well, if you’re an elementary school librarian like me, you might feel that it should be. Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Last Straw hits shelves today, and just about every kid I know from grades 3 and up is eager for the next installment.

While I’m busy trying to get my hands on as many copies as possible (did I mention that I work at four elementary schools?) Here are some links to help you celebrate.

The New York Times did a very nice piece on the book and author Jeff Kinney. Click the image below to read:


USA Today got in on the action with this article. Be sure to check out the accompanying photo of Jeff Kinney’s idea journal – it takes the term “notes” to a whole new, and microscopic, level:


Finally, many thanks to the wonderful children’s lit blog A Fuse #8 Production for the following video of how The Last Straw was produced. If you had childhood visions of one day starting your own cable network called the “How It’s Made Network” (or maybe that’s just me), then you will enjoy this: