It’s no secret that, after cardigans and bifocals, lists would come in third for Thing Closest to the Hearts of Librarians. If you don’t believe me, put on your ‘focals (cool way I just learned to say bifocals) and read that first sentence again. It’s a list (unfortunately, that was unplanned). As the sun sets on 2008, I encourage you to take a look back by voting for your favorite books of the year in the first annual Scope Notes Reader Poll. It’s a quick, three question survey. I’ll keep it open for one week and then share what shakes out.

Click here to take part in the 2008 Scope Notes Reader Poll.

You may be wondering how I selected books for the poll. Well, I’ve been looking at every year-end, best-of list I can get my hands on. Books that showed up multiple times were added. A more diplomatic method I could not conjure up.