Seems like there hasn’t been much news on the “Where the Wild Things Are” movie front lately.  Last I heard the whole thing was getting scrapped. Things changed Tuesday when Ain’t It Cool News posted their interview with the film’s director, Spike Jonze. Apparently, the film is back on track. That whole “scrapping the project” thing? Says Mr. Jonze,

It’s sort of like they were expecting a boy and I gave birth to a girl. So they just needed their time to sort that out and figure out how they were going to learn to love their new daughter…It just took a lot longer. And that was hard, but you know, in the end I got to make my movie.

Reading more of the interview, it sounds like Mr. Jonze is approaching the project with authenticity in mind:

I think it just started from that feeling, that it could feel like you were there with them, like Max was there with them, and not just in some fantasy movie.

The image above is the most hot off the presses look at the film. I have to admit that all of the still images I’ve seen (and even the controversial, work in progress video clip (which you can watch here)) have succeeded in getting me excited about the finished product. I think the appeal is summed up best by A Fuse #8 Production, who said upon seeing the rough cut video: “Imagine it. A children’s movie with quiet moments. QUIET moments! It fair boggles the mind.” So true.

One Question remains: how do you take your dissection of a children’s book turned into a movie? We’ve got three options here.

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(Thanks to BuzzFeed and A Fuse #8 Production for links)

Update: I noticed that the outstanding Educating Alice beat me to the punch, click here to read her post.