In my job, I split time between four elementary school libraries that range from preschool up to sixth grade. I’m getting to know the collections at the various schools pretty well, and when I was cataloging a new copy of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” this morning, I remembered there was something interesting about the old “Grinch” that was being replaced. I went to the shelf and found what has got to be one of the most used up books I’ve seen:

(click images for close-up)

Used. Up. Take a look look at the side by side comparison:

I especially love the view from the spine:

AHHH! Uh, I mean, wow! That book has had gotten some use.

I couldn’t find the data about when the old “Grinch” was added to the collection, but I would hazard to guess it’s been getting circulations since the good ol’ days (which officially took place between 1970-75*). I would say that a new copy was in order.

*Completely made up information