Round Like a Ball!
By Lisa Campbell Ernst
Blue Apple Books
ISBN: 9781934706015
Grades PreK-2
In Stores


Often, die-cut books fall flat for me. I open them up, flip through the pages, and quickly realize that the story is just a vehicle for the cut outs. Fun for a minute, but that’s about it. “Round Like a Ball!” is better than that. With a story that reads like a guessing game as die-cuts slowly reveal the answer, this one stands out.

The fun begins on the first page, with a simple sentence: “Let’s play a guessing game”. On each successive page, the reader is given another clue as a cast of characters make their guesses one by one. Sister, brother, dad – each put in their two cents about what the object could be. All the while, a circular cut out keeps getting bigger and bigger, slowly showing the reader that the object in question is Earth. The final page gives some tips for protecting our planet.

I haven’t read this with kids yet, so I’m wondering how well the guessing game will work. I’m curious how quickly youngsters will come up with the correct answer. That will have an effect on the success of this book.

The collage illustrations use tiny brush strokes and roughly mixed paints. Characters are depicted with rounded features, adding up to an attractive whole.

So if you’ve given up on cut-out books, thinking they’re all show and no substance, take a look at “Round Like a Ball!”. A pleasant surprise.

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