I claim many things on this here blog, but here is one thing I do not profess: that this monthly book giving away thing is my creation. I have cribbed from two excellent b-l-o to the g’s: one Breeni Books and one #8 Fuse Production of.

Here’s how this operation works: if you like one of the books you see below, send me an email (scopenotes@gmail.com) before the clock strikes midnight on Sunday. Be sure to include the name of the book you are most interested in. I will write all entries on a piece of paper and put them in the Abe Lincoln stovepipe that I wore on Friday as my Halloween costume. The names I draw will get the goods. Which books are up for grabs? Let’s take a look:

Batman: The Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul” By Grant Morrison and Paul Dini.

Trick or Treat Monster Street” By Danny Schnitzlein.

Best of luck!

(Top Image: ‘i’d like my steak medium nuked, please