By Cece Bell
Candlewick Press
ISBN: 9780763636142
Grades PreK-2
In Stores Nov. 25th


Quick, what’s the most ridiculous thing you’ve heard lately? How about a bee, wearing a toupee, who is mistaken for a child? That makes my recently ridiculous top five for sheezy (I hereby swear to never use that word again on these pages – signed, Your Humble Reviewer). In “Bee-Wigged” Cece Bell (author/illustrator of the “Sock Monkey” titles) provides a fat dollop of silliness sour cream atop a baked potato of truth – that it can be hard to find your niche when you’re different.

Jerry Bee does the opposite of fit in. Not only is he a bee (strike one), but he’s also a giant bee (we’ll skip right to “you’re out!”). We’re talking person-sized insect here. When you’re a giant bee out in public, folks tend to avoid you. Or scream and run. One day Jerry finds a wig on the side of the road and decides to try it on. The results are astounding. The disguise works, and people begin to see Jerry as a normal kid. Well, not just normal – exceptional. Everyone loves Jerry. It turns out that he’s funny and artistic and helpful. Jerry Bee is so beloved that he is asked to grand marshall the annual school parade. When our hero’s wig is blown off by a gust of wind, Jerry quickly realizes that his day in the sun may be over. That is, until his wig starts talking. I mentioned ridiculous, right?

The bright, unfussy ink and acrylic illustrations pair nicely with the storyline. The goofiness of the plot is mirrored in the stubby, neckless (or should I say neck-free) rendering of the characters.

“Bee-Wigged” will check off a number of boxes in your collection:

√ Solid read aloud choice

√ A good pick for “I’m looking for a funny book” kids

√ A “be yourself” book with kid appeal

A trifecta which makes this one a quality selection.

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