Did you know “City of Ember” opened this weekend? It kinda snuck up on me too. I’m surprised I haven’t seen more hype. I mean, I watch TV, I’m not living under a rock, yet I haven’t seen nor heard anything about the release. Strange…

I’m excited to see it, however, and I’ll be posting my personal review soon. In the meantime, let’s take a peek at what the official critics (and one imaginary one) are saying about the film. See if you can spot the fake!:

“Ember is seldom riveting, but it’s consistently compelling, and its uncompromising literal and metaphorical darkness renders its climax enormously satisfying.”
“It’s not an entirely convincing trip, but it is the sort of satisfying movie you wished they would make more often.”
“If older kids and adults seek out this picture, which 20th Century Fox and Walden Media clearly aren’t sure how to sell, they may well find themselves drawn into a subterranean world of considerable imagination.”
“An impressive and imaginative fantasy.” 
“I’ve never been more disappointed. Not one trace of the beautiful gem so boldly declared in the title. “City of Amber” my foot!”
-Distinguished Ladies Fine Jewlery Magazine