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While I was going through the fiction shelves the other day, I came across a book cover that I’d seen years ago, but had forgotten all about. This, the sixth entry into the ongoing Unfortunate Covers series is the first title that I might be inclined to call “awesomely unfortunate”.

Before I get ahead of myself, let’s take a look:

Dancing Carl” by Gary Paulsen. An unrelated comment: don’t you hate it when the barcode is covering the title? Rest assured, this happened well before my watch. Keep those titles barcode free, I say. Anyway, what you have here is an unfortunate cover. A solid book besotted with a cover that isn’t upping the shelf appeal. A close up:

I like how Carl is shown doing his little hand raise thing. Personally I like to think of it as Carl imploring the reader to “Get up out ‘cha seat and dance, like me!”

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On a side note, this unfortunate cover struck me as oddly similar to another famous title:

The perspective, the trees, the wintery night time setting, the use of the color yellow – similarities abound.

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