Citing “space time continuum issues” the Children’s Literature Commissioner announced today that blogging will not be allowed at this weekend’s 2nd Annual Kidlitosphere Conference in Portland, Oregon.

When questioned about the surprising announcement, the commissioner expressed concerns that “like the recent Hadron Collider in Switzerland”, the results of blogging at a conference about blogging could result in “black holes being formed and the universe coming to an end.” When informed that those things didn’t actually happen in the case of the collider, the commissioner said that the formation of black holes “takes time” and to “wait a week”.

Calling an abrupt end to the news conference, the clearly irritated commissioner explained that further information about the decision will be posted on his blog by tomorrow morning. When asked about the delay, the commissioner explained that he is “in the middle of a banner makeover”.

2nd Annual Kidlitosphere Conference

(Wish I could be there!)