Democrat, republican, independent – no matter the party, this is a bit over the top.

Earlier in the week I was surprised to find a picture book that explains to children why their moms have tattoos. Somehow that seems tame in comparison to the following books that, with the help of slightly brainwash-y tactics, explain why mom and dad are democrats.

Let’s crack the covers. Take a look at the picture below – the animals of the forest coming together to fight a fire. Has there ever been a more sweet and innocent image ever committed to the page?

Wait a minute. Take a closer look:

Hmm. Alright, I can support that statement. I mean, there are plenty of groups who are pro firefighters and police, but I can see where they’re coming from. Next page:

Okay, getting a little strange. There’s gotta be more to it than this though. Next page:

Wait, there’s really nothing more to it than this? Next page!

(Rubbing eyes) What does that say? Zoom in:

Oh, good, they’re moving on to some different topics. I was beginning to feel like this was just an outright attempt to indoctrina…

I was wrong.

Click here to check out the entire website (and more sample pages).

(Top Image: ‘Gray matters