That’s the sound of worlds colliding, friends. It occurs anytime two polar opposites meet, and lately there’s been some meetin’ going on. In the past few months, it seems like tattoos and children’s lit, two formerly disparate things, have been intermingling like crazy.

All of a sudden, you look around and they’re everywhere: on arms of attendees at the Newbery/Caldecott Banquet (courtesy of A Fuse #8 Production), on websites, and in picture books. They’re even a topic of discussion over on the outstanding Collecting Children’s Books blog. I present to you a roundup of kid’s lit tat related items:

Warning: The image above is not a mirage. There is officially a kids book for everything now.

The children’s lit blog Shelftalker unearthed the gem above.

Visit the blog Contrariwise to get your fill of kid’s lit tats.

Kane/Miller Kidlit also has an assortment of children’s lit tattoo items for you to peruse.

One more thing:

Matilda tat. Good choice.