By Robert Snedden
Smart Apple Media
ISBN: 9781599200774
Grades 3-6
In Stores


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My first pet was a goldfish. Immediately after winning him/her at the county fair ring toss, I took my prize home, flipped to the very back of the baby name book and decided to call my fish Zbigniew. While very enthusiastic about picking a name, I didn’t know all that much about goldfish themselves. If only I could have read Robert Snedden’s book on the subject, I would have been more well informed. Part of the “Living Things” series, “Fish” gives a comprehensive overview of the species.

The table of contents lays out the plan. Each two-page section sheds light on a different aspect of fish existence. From how they move to how they eat, it’s all covered. An index and glossary add some back page informational value. Also included is a section with websites for further exploration.

The overall design is solid. Each page contains pictures to help illustrate the facts being served. Diagrams are also used to drop knowledge on more intricate subjects, like fish eye function.

Being a school librarian, I always take a moment to look at nonfiction titles through a teacher’s eyes. How will this book be used in a school setting? While not created to be a resource on specific fish, this will be a first-rate title for students with a hankerin’ for general information. An impressive collection of facts for young readers.

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