I’ve got a mess of books to give away and I want to get these things movin’! Just for fun, I even threw in a book that was recently bestowed upon with Unfortunate Cover status. It’s the original folks, and sure to be a collectors item. Collectors everywhere are surely unimpressed by this statement.

If you like any of the books below, send me an email at scopenotes@gmail.com and include the title of the book that you are most interested in. If I get that message before midnight on Thursday, your name will be written on an apple. I will then put all the apples in a bucket and start bobbin’ for a winner. You may not know that besides children’s lit blogger, I’m also the founding member of the convoluted contest drawings fan club. Now lets see those books:

Three Shadows” by Cyril Pedrosa.

Bat’s Big Game” By Margaret Read MacDonald.

Unfortunate Cover (#1) recipient “Superfudge” by Judy Bloom

Good luck!