Librarians and NPR go together like cardigans and nippy reading rooms. I guess I haven’t checked the fine print on my degree lately, but there actually may be a contractual obligation for bookish types to support National Public Radio. Part of my love for the station stems from the fact that they occasionally like to highlight children’s lit. Most recently they featured Nancy Drew. A favorite quote from the piece:

“I don’t think there is a casual reader of Nancy Drew,” says writer Fran Lebowitz. “There may be casual readers of Proust, but not of Nancy Drew.”

Indeed. It’s like asking if someone is a casual fan of scotcharoos – you’re either not interested or obsessed (well, if you’re me at least).

Click the play button below to find out more about the teenage detective who’s managed to stay relevant for over 70 (!) years.

[7 min. 21 sec.]