One Million Things: A Visual Encyclopedia
By DK Publishing
ISBN: 9780756638436
Grades 3 and Up
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When you’re a kid, the bigger the better. Machines, buildings, ice cream cones, it’s all better with an increase in dimensions. The same holds true for numbers. A fact: kids love stepping things up to seven digits and will do so at the drop of a hat. They will pull out “one million” as soon as possible. DK knows this well and put together a visual encyclopedia – “part museum, part search engine” – that runs with the concept of cramming a million bits of info into one volume. It’s an astonishing deluge of knowledge that readers will be clamoring to pick up.

“One Million Things” is not 300 pages of arbitrary fact placement. There is an organization to the madness. Arranged in sections from nature to nutrition, the human body to technology, the breadth of subject matter is impressive.

Vital to the operation are the photographs. This may be the singe largest collection of pictures I’ve seen in one place. Each page shows as much as it tells.

DK books are famous for their visuals, and “One Million Things” continues that tradition.

In short: open it up, discover something new, enjoy. A quality selection for libraries, classrooms, and home collections alike.

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