baby-brains-book-edit.jpgBaby Brains and Robomom
By Simon James
Candlewick Press
ISBN: 9780763634636
Grades K-2
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Excerpts from the never-published “What to Expect When You’re Expecting A Genius”:

If you want your child to be not just smart, but genius level intelligent, it starts in the womb. Eat right, and talk to your unborn child. Avoid products labeled “Baby Einstein”

And that’s exactly what Mrs. Brains did. Although this is the third “Baby Brains” book, Simon James starts out with a refresher of how Baby Brains got to be so smart. Being the first “Brains” I had read, I appreciated the recap. Not only did Mrs. Brains eat the right food, but she also played foreign language tapes. It worked.

The first few months and years can be crucial for the development of you child’s intellect. Encourage and support their interests and hobbies.

Not a problem. Baby Brains has so many intellectual pastimes, it begins to worry the Mister and Missus. The little one is spelling, conducting chemistry experiments, and inventing things like a self-rocking cradle.

Remember to take care of yourself. There will be some sleepless nights, but do your best to get rest – parenting a MENSA baby is tiring work!

Baby Brains soon realizes that his parents are worn out. To solve the problem, he invents RoboMom, a domestic robot who takes over all of the Brains housework – even tending to the baby.

Nothing is more important than one-on-one time with your child. This interaction is vital for developing a genius.

After taking over all the parental duties, RoboMom begins to feel the strain and starts doing some odd things. Sorry RoboMom, but nuts and bolts in engine oil is not a healthy breakfast to serve. Then the robot really starts breaking down. When it mistakes Baby Brains for laundry and hangs him out on the clothsline, it reminds both child and parents that there’s no substitute for spending time together and being a normal family.

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