worst-case.jpgThe Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook: Junior Edition
By David Borgenicht and Robin Epstein
Illustrated by Chuck Gonzales
Chronicle Books
ISBN: 9780811860659
Grades 4-6
In Stores

Youth and embarrassing moments often hold hands. It’s easy to forget how things that would drive us to shut in-ism as adults were regular occurrences in our younger days. Braces, acne, and general awkwardness all conspired to make life a walk down misery lane. “Worst-Case Scenario: Junior Edition” tackles these problems in its mission to tack up a “No PDA” sign aimed directly at that cozy couple: embarrassment and being a kid.

“Junior Edition” follows the familiar “Worst-Case” format. Step-by-step instructions for solving problems are presented in categories. These groupings apply to various areas of life – including home, school, and outdoors. The topics are ones that youngsters are faced with every day: handling bullies, making friends, and speaking in front of the class. Just like other editions in this series, many of the suggestions are tongue in cheek. I’m not sure putting a sign over your split pants that reads “If you can read this, you’re standing too close” would really be all that helpful, but that’s kind of the point. Some helpful advice thrown in with some ridiculousness ensures that kids will keep reading. Illustrations lend clarity and humor to the mix.

Would my years as a young buck have been smoother had I a copy of “Worst Case Scenario: Junior Edition” on my shelf? Most likely wouldn’t have made much of a difference (I can show you my retainer if you like). Not a must-have, but a fun take on the problems that come with being a kid.

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