• Jovial Bob Stine? When I first read that R.L. Stine had written joke books in the 70’s and 80’s under that moniker, I seriously thought it was a joke. “Jovial Bob”?! Looking into the matter, it’s true. To read more about R.L. and his plans to exhume the “Goosebumps” series (still a fan favorite in these parts), click the logo below. (thanks to the blog Big A little a for the link)


  • I like to call them ‘Brarians. What do you do after reading the lamest ever attempt at a “hip” update of the term “librarian”? You can read about the hipsters themselves. The pop culture website Buzzfeed has a roundup of links on what they’re calling Hipster Librarians. Not sure what to make of this. Click the Buzzfeed logo to read more, or head straight to the NYT article on the subject by clicking here. Next time on the town, I’m so gonna order the 613.96 C.

(Top Image: ‘Change Your Mind