To me, children’s lit news is like Reese’s Eggs on Easter: try as I might, I can’t get enough. Today’s LDJ is actually a batch of links that I use to find out what’s happening in the world of books for kids. All of these can be subscribed to and sent directly to you each week through RSS or email. Bon Appetito.

First up, we’ve got Publishers Weekly Children’s Bookshelf. As you might guess, this one provides the publisher’s perspective: upcoming releases, hot sellers, featured titles, books in the media, authors, editors, etc. A great resource.


Next up is School Library Journal Extra Helping. This newsletter now arrives twice weekly and has all the info a school librarian can handle. Reviews, author interviews, and more.


Sticking with the SLJ theme, the next one is all about how children’s books can be used in the classroom. As a school librarian, this one is always worth checking out. Curriculum Connections from School Library Journal.


This next one’s brand new, but I’m expecting good things. It’s like if you know a new Wes Anderson movie’s coming out. It’s bound to be worth your time. The Horn Book is starting a weekly newsletter “about good books for children and teens”. I’m waiting for the first issue.


Are there any great newsletters that I’m missing? Let it be known in the comments.