I always worry when I hear that a children’s book is in the process of being adapted for the silver screen. I’m concerned that the movie won’t do the book justice, and everyone will leave the theater thinking, “That movie was terrible, and even though I haven’t read it, I’m now qualified to declare that the book is terrible too!”. I’m guessing that this film won’t run into that problem. Everyone knows about “Where the Wild Things Are”, and aside from a classmate in a children’s lit class a few years back saying “I don’t know why anyone would like that book (!?)” , it gets universal love. This one will face the problem of how to make a 32 pager into a feature-length.

However, I’m feeling pretty good about this adaptation due to the folks writing the screenplay: Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers. It also sounds like Maurice Sendak had a good amount of input as well. We’ll see the results of this “recasting of a children’s story” in mid ’09.

An unrelated side note: Incredible Hulk cover inspired by “Where the Wild Things Are”? (from ibarbar)


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