Edwards Eyes
By Patricia MacLachlan
Atheneum Books for Young Readers
ISBN 9781416927433
Grades 4-7
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I have to be honest, I wasn’t sure about this one. The cover, the blurb on the inside – it made me suspicious. I know that Patricia MacLachlan is a children’s lit legend for a reason (you’ve heard of “Sarah, Plain and Tall” possibly?), but I still had reservations. Now, I’m not a fan of the whole “boy changes lives in a small town that seems to be lost in some idyllic yesteryear” – type story. I’m not naming names, I’m just sayin’ that those types of tales aren’t usually my cup of tea. I suspected that’s what this one was. Sappy, corny, call it what you will. But I was wrong. With “Edward’s Eyes” those labels don’t stick. An emotional story well-executed.

The perspective of this tale is not provided by Edward, but rather by his older brother Jake. He’s a protective older sibling, and has always known his little brother to be unique. He’s more carefree, friendly, and wise than Jake will ever be. But Edward’s most unique feature has to be his eyes. Edward’s eyes can see a baseball better anyone in his clan, and he has the batting record to prove it: he’s never stuck out. The boys are part of a big family, all the better for backyard games. When a new addition is made to the family, Edward is ready to take the child under his wing just like Jake did for him. But, just like a knuckleball, you never know where life is going to go. The unexpected sometimes happens.

MacLachlan has written a heartbreaking and sweet story that will stick with readers even after the reading is done. A quality fiction selection.

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