PaleoJoe’s Dinosaur Detective Club #1: The Disappearance of Dinosaur Sue
By Joseph Kchodl with Mary Caszatt-Allen
Mackinac Island Press
ISBN 9781934133101
Grades 4-6
In Stores

I met the man. I had to read the book. PaleoJoe recently author-visited my school district and made quite an impression. With my interest suitably piqued, I picked up the first book in Mr. Joe’s Dinosaur Detective Club series and (ah-hem) dug in. The result? A fun, if less than groundbreaking read that dino fans will enjoy.

Shelly Brooks (age 11) knows a thing or two about dinosaurs. And she’s learning more all the time, having befriended dino expert PaleoJoe. The two respect each other’s knowledge and are a good team. Their teamwork is put to the test when Sue, the most complete fossilized T. rex skeleton ever unearthed, goes missing. Their search for the culprit sends them dashing to the Field Museum in Chicago, globe-hopping to Germany, and trekking to the middle of South Dakota. Shelly and PaleoJoe use their detective skills and dinosaur insight to solve the crime.

I would recommend this one to middle-grade dinosaur-lovers that are looking for a mystery.

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