Format, format, format – it’s never perfect. 100 Scope Notes is an evolving source of all things kidlit related, and I wanted to let you know that some evolving just happened. Allow me to direct your attention to the left of the screen. If you’re reading this in a RSS reader, just pull a Cam Jansen and store the following in your photographic memory.

The *Best New Books* and *Recommended* sections are now listed at the top of the categories, making it that much easier to see which books are, in my opinion, worth a look.

For the record, a Best New Book is one that I feel is tops. Bound to show up on year end lists (okay, even if it’s only mine), these are the titles that you shouldn’t miss.

A Recommended book is one that will appeal to many readers, and really connect with some. Recommended titles don’t provide an instant “this is going to be one of my new favorite books” feeling for everyone, only certain readers.

The Commentary section has been changed to Articles. Commentary just sounds so…commenty. Who wants to hear someone commenting all the time? This category will be for those posts that take a “big picture” look at the world of children’s lit.

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