The Lemonade Club
By Patricia Polacco
Philomel Books
ISBN 9780399245404
Grades 3-6

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Patricia Polacco’s books consistently occupy an unusual spot in the world of children’s literature. Typically more mature than your average picture book yet less elaborate than your average chapter book, her stories tend to find their audience with the sensitive and worldly youngster. Based on a true story, “The Lemonade Club” continues in this tradition, offering up doses of sadness and friendship.

Friends Marilyn and Traci share a close friendship with their teacher, Miss Wichelman. She is supportive, always encouraging her students to make the most out of life’s lemons. When one of the girls is diagnosed with cancer, the three friends – The Lemonade Club – will need each other like never before.

A tear-jerker to be sure, the emotion is brought to life in fine fashion through Polacco’s wonderful pencil and marker illustrations. A story that will find it’s audience and be enjoyed for some time to come.

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