Judy Moody & Stink – The Holly Joliday
By Megan McDonald
Illustrated By Peter H. Reynolds
Candlewick Press
ISBN 9780763632373
Grades 2-4
In Stores

The flashiness quotient has been upped for the first ever team-up between Judy Moody and her younger brother Stink. How does that flashiness make itself known? Well,

Exhibit A: A holiday theme. This makes it clear that, just like Christmas, this sort of thing doesn’t happen all the time.

Exhibit B: Color illustrations. A first for the Moody family. This is especially different for Judy herself, who’s simple brown paper bag covers stood out precisely for their lack of a wide color palate.

Exhibit C: Sparkly cover. This would normally not be a good thing for me (just call me Glitter Magnet), but the saving grace is that it’s not the rub off on your hands kind of glitter – it’s a permanent, part of the paper sparkle. (Note to book cover designers: consider this technique for new glitter-applying standard?).

But enough of that – on to the story. The Holidays are nigh and the Moody children are making their Christmas wish lists. Judy’s is a sprawling masterpiece that cannot be contained by standard paper, while Stink (spurred on my an unexpected visitor) has just one gift in mind – snow. Judy takes great big sisterly pleasure in telling Stink that in Virginia, there’s no such thing as a white Christmas.

In the meantime, Judy and Stink take part in the annual Holiday program at their school. Judy’s class puts a new spin on Christmas with a Hawaiian theme, while stink puts his own unique stamp on the event.

On the Eve of the big day, Judy and her brother place a bet on the likelihood of snow by midnight. All they have to do is stay awake to find out.

While not quite as winning as previous Judy Moody and Stink solo adventures, “The Holly Joliday” will be read eagerly by fans of the series. Some good fun.

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