By Jerry Spinelli
Little, Brown
ISBN 9780316166461
Grades 5-8
In Stores

When I started reading this book, I couldn’t help but be reminded that Jerry Spinelli is an author. What I mean is this: There are lots of hardworking folks out there who write books, to varying degrees of success, but Spinelli’s skill is apparent within the first couple sentences. Give the man a pen and a theme and he’s got the rest covered – with eloquence. “Eggs” is another example of this unique ability.

Nine year old David lives with his grandmother and father. He does not get along with his grandma. Well, truth be told, he wouldn’t get along with anyone who is trying to replace his mother. It’s been a pretty lonely life since she passed away. It doesn’t help that David’s father isn’t around as much as he would like.

Things begin to change when, in the most unusual of circumstances, he meets Primrose . It’s safe to say she’s pretty unique. Her mother is a palm, foot, and pet reader. She lives outside of their house in a broken down car/apartment. Different. Like their first meeting, the resulting friendship between the two is not the norm. They bicker nonstop, but the bond between the two kids with broken families is strong.

On a whim, the two set out on a life changing trip to the big city. It is on this jaunt that they discover that they can help make each others life a little bit better.

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